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Statistics show that, on average, staged homes sold within 30 days.
Homes not staged took, on average, 175 days to sell (based on StagedHomes.com survey).
We have staged several homes which subsequently sold within 1-5 days.
Most of the homes we have staged over the years have sold within 15-30 days.
  • Home Staging is an investment. It often costs less than the reducing the price
    of a home that doesn not sell.
  • Staged homes sell faster and for higher profits in a competitive market
  • Staging creates a buyer-friendly look, increasing the house's market value
  • Professionally staged homes look better in MLS advertising pictures and on House Features Sheets.
    Better presentation attracts more buyer interest.
  • Clean, organized, and well-maintained homes provide peace of mind for buyers.
    They will focus on house features rather than on defects that need fixing.
  • Staging can give a second chance to a house that has been sitting on the market.
    You can avoid the price reduction that is otherwise necessary for a house which sits on the market with no offers.
  • For real estate agents, the projection of your image will be enhanced when
    you present professionally staged properties.

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