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Thank you Michaela for a super fantastic job. We got an offer from an agent before her client had even viewed the property in person, she just saw the pictures on MLS. Our home sold for $20,000 more than the asking, in less than 24 hours. And lastly, there was no condition attached. Two thumbs up for your professionalism and your talent, and a big thank you in helping get the job done
Best regards,
Bhuvana Venkat


We tried to sell our house but after 5 months in a supposedly "good market", we took it off. Someone recommended we seek professional help so we called in Michaela and EnjoyDecor. After seeing her work her magic, and following her suggestions and advice we were ready to put our transformed house on the market again albeit this time in a "poor market". Thanks to Michaela we sold our house in ONE day for the same asking price we sought before the recession began. Her taste and decor sense are marvelous. If you need any more information about Michaela's work and EnjoyDecor please call us we would be glad to elaborate.
Ann and Byron Grant


Hi Michaela,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for doing an amazing home staging job at our home. Your skills, attitude, spirit, patience, dedication to the project has been beyond any expectation and highly appreciated by us. Our house has been sold in one day not only because its beautiful design and features, but also due to the beautiful and right home staging you did. You are a very special lady not only with high work standards but also with great people skills! I wish you great success in the future and highly recommend any one to use your services!
Best Regards,
Judy Leshem


This is truly the best word to describe Michaela and her work on selling our home. Michaela is down to earth, easy to talk to, kept firmly within budget and made our home look incredible. We liked it so much we did not want to sell it when she finished the job. Her background as both interior designer and home stager gave her the experience to transform my over 5000SqFt home from nice, to wow! Our home that was listed previously with no reasonable offer, had so many compliments and showings after she staged it. It sold quick and to our satisfaction in a 'down market' I would highly recommend Michaela without hesitation and offer words of advice to anyone thinking of hiring her. Don't worry, she knows what she's doing.


"Dear Michaela,
It was so nice to meet you and work with you. Before we met you, our house was listed for 4 months, with one very low offer. The time and care and patience you took with us made our lives much easier during a very disruptive time. It is very emotional after 20 years, to think that you have to declutter and depersonalize your home to make it look more attractive to buyers, but that seems to be the way today. The whole process took approx 3 weeks from the time of the first consultation until the transformation was complete. It was a major undertaking considering we had to move 4000 sq ft of furniture, make way for carpet and paint and furniture rentals and storage, but in the end the result was stunning. You came in on time and on budget and the house looked so spectacular that it sold in 4 days. We got our price and an unconditional offer. Melanie and I are proud to tell people what you did for us and we will continue to recommend you in the future.
Fondest Regards,
Irv and Melanie Kochman"


"Just 72 hours!
It took only that long to sell our house after Michaela's magic hands transformed it into something unforgettable. She did an exceptional job with an amazing result. We will not hesitate to recommend Michaela to anybody with high expectation on services at quality standards. Thank you again for your excellent job."
Petronela and Daniel Mitel


Michaela's professionalism is impressive. When she first came for Home Staging Consultation, she took a full tour of our home and she told us exactly what's needed to be done for a quick sell. Michaela transformed our home into a dream house that astonished all of the prospective buyers that came for visit. With the expertise of her decorating our house was only on the market for 10 days before it sold for well over our original asking price! We would highly recommend her to stage any house that is up for sale.
Thank you Michaela
From Candace and Edward Lewis


Hi Michaela,
Thank you for your excellent house staging of my house. You are a fabulous stager. Y ou are like the 'Good Fairy' who can make a home look beautiful in no time! You have the ability to accentuate the best features in a house which help buyers visualize possibilities. Because of your help I was able to sell the house in only ONE day and above the asking price.
You are simply the best!


Dear Michaela, Thank you very much for helping us with our Interior Design project. The result is awesome. Everybody who enters our home has only words of praise, genuine praise. It even changed us two a little for the better. We are trying to keep it tidy; that in itself is another reason why we should thank you; we really needed a nudge in that direction, given by an independent mediator. I hope it will last. I also want to commend your for your exquisite tactfulness. My husband and I are in a long-established habit of loudly disagreeing with each other, and you managed to mediate and navigate graciously those stormy waters. We love the results, I am really happy with my home, please rest assured that your profession brings people joy and happiness (that's something not all of us can say).
Thanks again,


Hi Michaela,
Thank you for the amazing job you did on home Staging to Sell my loft. Using your expertise you transformed a dull space into an appealing, inviting home. It was sold in only few days after listing! I am looking forward to use your professional services on decorating my new apartment.
Best regards,
Uri Ron


Hi Michaela,
I just want to thank you again for the wonderful job you have done. I'm glad we made right decision when we accepted the advise to stage our house. We have friends coming to see the house after hearing our story and I can tell you they were all impressed by the huge difference the house looked then and now. I've already given out your business cards to those interested in your services. The pictures in the Features Sheet looked very nice and so did the virtual tour! The house sold in only 6 days!
Best regards,


Getting a home ready to sell involves a certain amount of stress, but working with Michaela made the staging-to-sell phase a breeze. She's talented, hard working and highly knowledgeable about what it takes to get a home market ready. The result was excellent -- my home was more attractive than it had ever been and it sold for full price within the week. All this was achieved on a limited budget and in tight time frame. Would I hire her again? Absolutely! Thanks Michaela.
Mary Ann


When our Real Estate Agent recommended Michaela's Home Staging Services, we were not sure about the efficiency of this process. She started the job on a very short notice and she completed the Staging in only 2 days. Our condo apartment sat on the market for no longer than 3hours!
Thank you Michaela for your amazing job.
The Straffs


"I had decided to stage my home prior to putting it on the market and had the opportunity to work with Michaela and her associates. She completely transformed my home into an updated, uncluttered, fresh new look. Although I was out of town during this process, Michaela oversaw every phase of the project professionally, including packing, painting, light fixtures installations and home repairs. Michaela has the talent to truly optimize all the features and characteristics of a home with her decorating skills and organized preparation. I enjoyed working with Michaela and her team and highly recommend her services."
Annette Ennamorato


"When we called Michaela for help, our house was on the market for three months and we had lots of visits, but no offers. After seeing the house, she recommended us to change the position of furniture to make the rooms look bigger, change the color scheme in the bedrooms and dress nicer the beds, rearrange pictures on the walls, add more lights - great ideas that costs us almost nothing - but changed the look of the rooms dramatically. Our house was showing like a "model home" professionally decorated. One week later we had two offers and the winning buyers told us that they fell in love with the house from the very first moment they saw it.
Thank you so much Michaela ! "


"Dear Michaela,
Thank you so much for home staging services you provided to us. Not only that our townhouse looked spectacular but you managed to design an elegant setting under budget, utilizing existing furniture and home accents to maximize de effect and to wow our visitors. Your enthusiasm, reliability and professionalism instilled confidence and we know we got the best price (for our street) because of you. I would recommend your services to anyone who whishes to get the best price for their house.
Best regards,"
A&M Grigore Richmond Hill


"When we placed our house on the market we thought we did a good job on preparing it for showings: we looked around us and we liked it. Surely the market presentation that we thought will impress visitors was not good enough because after few weeks of visits, still no offer. We decided to call Michaela for professional help. It was unbelievable how she went through details and how tactful she was on making us understand that visitors will see our home from a different perspective than us. We sold the house in less than 2 weeks after home staging. The price we sold our house for was much higher than the highest price a house similar to ours ever sold in our neighborhood. Thank you Michaela, for all of your professionalism. We couldn't do it any better than that."


Dear Michaela,
This is to thank you very much for the excellent interior designing services that you provided to us! When we purchased our home, we quickly realized that without your professional help we will not be able to achieve the look that we wanted without spending a significant amount of time, energy and without making any costly mistakes. You were kind, patient, gracious and attentive with us during the entire time that you decorated our home. Your product knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism added to the overall experience. You helped us with the furniture, rugs, curtains, art work, carpets, etc. selection pretty much everything. You gave us honest feedback and told us if our choices were not quite working. The end result was a beautiful home decorated with 'gusto' and personality. We are very proud of it!
Thank you again.
Adriana & Michael


"We approached Michaela for professional advice in choosing the walls & hardwood color for the entire house, before starting the renovation. We also needed her expertise on decorating after completing the renovation to make our home warm and cozy. We are so happy that we did it and we are extremely pleased with the results of Michaela's work. She has been able to find a wonderful blend of comfort in a contemporary style, yet keeping it cozy and relaxed. She was very professional in accommodating our preferences and she exceptionally managed a tight budget that we allowed to home accents. Michaela, let us express our appreciation for all of your help; we love the new look of our home and we hope you will have some great ideas for our next project the kitchen!
You did a marvelous job!"
Viliya & Vadim


Dear Michaela,
Thank you for a great job you did on decorating our new house. We appreciate very much your professionalism and the patience that you proved during 5 months of working together on the Interior Decorating project. You have absolutely tons of great ideas and we are really delighted with the results of your very-well done job. Thank you for answering my questions over the phone, for coming to my house at my convenience time and for helping me with shopping. Thank you also for being so caring with my little girl,Ariana. Working with you was a pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend you to our clients and friends, anytime in the future.
Best Regards,
Jinos & Sam


"A big thank you Michaela for your assistance with redecorating our family room. We are all very pleased with the results and now this is our favorite room in the house. Your attention to the many details that are essentials, but also your personal touches were appreciated. We really appreciated your kind and caring manner as an integral part of your overall professionalism. There is no question at all that we would definitely recommend you."
Hancila Family


Thank you very much for redecorating our family room.I was pregnant when I asked for your help and I knew I wanted a change in that room because that is the space where I'll spend most of the year-off at home with my kids. Your professionalism, taste and attention to details are impressive. The color on the walls, the furniture rearrangement and the matching accessories create a brighter, cozier and more spacious room. I have friends coming over and their first reaction when entering the room is 'Wow!'We will definitely recommend your expertise to everyone interested in
quality & affordable services."
Narcisa & Gabi


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