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  • Personal shopping
  • Color scheme in relation with the amount, type and quality of the light,
    orientation to the sun, psychological influence on the room’s occupants
    and client’s preferences
  • Walls painting to add visual interest, to create an accent wall or to emphasize
    architectural details in the room
  • Floor coverings based on the use of the room, wearability and maintenance,
    appearance and cost (area rug, carpet, tiles, hardwood floor, etc)
  • Furniture arrangement to maximize rooms’ function and to enhance interiors
  • Window treatments considering their function, position, look and role in the room
  • Kitchen & bath: selection of tiles (color, texture, finish&size), sink, tub, faucet,
    hardware, cabinets, vanity, countertop, backsplash and more
  • Fabrics: color, texture, and patterns considering the color scheme and
    decorating style, function of the room and characteristics of the fabric(fibers,
    finish, and maintenance )
  • Artificial lighting&light fixtures as a design element to emphasize objects,
    to enhance patterns and forms and to enlarge spaces visually, to alter the mood
    or to make a room more functional
  • Accents as final touches to harmonize with the rest of the room: pictures, mirrors,
    floral arrangements, candles, floor & table-lamps, decorative pillows, bedding,
    kitchen & bath accessories, etc.
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