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What is home staging, when do you need it and why

Home Staging © is Preparing Properties to Sell in a competitive marketplace.
It is the process that transforms a home into a house ready for the market.
It is a powerful, efficient market tool that every homeowner and every
Real Estate Agent should use if the goal is “Sell faster and for higher profits”.
Staging is the transformation that essentially improves the look of a space
creating that “First Impression” with the purpose of turning a browser into a buyer.
Staging is not only decorating, it is a more complex and complete process that
analyzes and solves problems to create a buyer friendly look, minimizing weaknesses
and highlighting strengths of a property.
It could be as simple as decluttering and re-arranging or replacing furniture,
to redecorating and repair, or to complety furnishing a vacant house.
You can show your property at its best for considerably less than the 1st price reduction!


  • Before placing your property on the market because you want it seen
    at its best selling condition
  • When you sell a vacant house
  • When your property is been sitting on the market with no offer
  • When similar properties in your area sold fast and for top dollars
  • When posting house pictures on MLS


  • Every homeowner and every Real Estate Agent that are truly committed
    to selling in a competitive marketplace
  • Everyone that understands that a house placed on the market becomes
    a product and people buy what attracts them most.
    Bright, organized, professionally decorated places catch the interest
    of a potential buyer
  • Every seller whose property sits on the market with no offer
  • Every seller, including new homes builders that show vacant properties
    to their potential buyers


When you sell a house you need to bring it to its best showing condition because
you think top profits.
First Impression is crucial on the potential buyers because they will make their decision
based on it.
  • You need your home to stand out from the competition
  • You need to transform your home into a buyer friendly house
  • You want your property to sell fast and for top dollars
  • You don’t want dropping the price after your property sits on the market
    with no offer
  • You don’t want to waste any opportunity to an offer; most of the cases
    there is no 2nd chance to a “First Impression”
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